14 - 16 OCTOBER 2022



Access to the congress is allowed only to people vaccinated against Covid-19 and with green passport !

ABOUT THE EVENT When East Meets West knowledge has no boundaries.

Dear Colleague,
It is my pleasure to invite you to attend The East Meets West Congress 2021, the first event for Central and Eastern Europe that is fully endorsed by the International Society of EndoVascular Specialists (ISEVS), which will take place in Bucharest, Romania, from the 07th to the 09th of October 2021. We request that you be a part of this exciting event. In fact, the scientific committee encourages you to submit an abstract by September 15 2021. Submit here and create an account. All abstracts will be listed on our website which may be cited and added to your Curriculum Vitae. Abstract presenters and winners will be recognized by international Cardiovascular Surgery leaders. Three awards will be awarded from the Romanian Society for Endovascular Surgery along with a certificate from the society. Prizes include: First prize is 400 euros; second prize is 300 euros; and third prize is 200 euros. You must be present during the awards ceremony to receive your prize.

Many challenges in the way we treat patients with vascular disease face us every day in our practice. The purpose of this meeting is for you to gain knowledge from key international faculty who will share their data, opinions, advancements and more that will offer tremendous insight. Groundbreaking techniques and developments will be presented that will give you the tools to treat your patients who present with cardiovascular disease. Therefore, we are pleased that through the support and help from the International Society of EndoVascular Specialists, distinguished experts in Cardiovascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy from Europe and US have graciously accepted to join us and serve as faculty.

The 3-day educational program will include plenary sessions, case reports, workshops and interesting live surgery cases, designed for vascular and cardiovascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and other allied-health specialists.

More important, East Meets West will encourage a creative exchange of ideas and learning experiences for everyone! Registered attendees will have an opportunity to network with faculty. Industry will be on hand to showcase their exciting technologies and provide insight on new developments.
The East Meets West Congress 2021 aims to inspire, challenge and shape the future in vascular surgery, because it is within our grasp.
This international medical event is organized in partnership with Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, The Romanian Society of Minimal Invasive Cardiovascular Surgery and The Romanian Society for Endovascular Surgery and Transcatheter Valve Therapy and is fully endorsed by the International Society of EndoVascular Specialists.

Take a moment to browse through our website, view the program, submit an abstract and finally, register to attend a refreshing new meeting!

Regards, Horațiu Moldovan, MD.


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Prof. Rodney White
Vice-President ISEVS
Past President American Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
CardioVascular Surgeon at UCLA

Dr. Dan Tesloianu
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Fellow European Society of Cardiology
Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
Vice-President of the Romanian Society of Endovascular Surgery and Trancateter Valve Therapy
Coordinator of the Interventional Cardiology Department, Clinical Department of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology Laboratory, Emergency County Clinical Hospital „St. Spiridon ”Iasi

Prof. Horatiu Moldovan
M.D. PhD. Habil.
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery
UMF Carol Davila
Full Member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences.
Head, Clinical Departament of Cardiovascular Surgery
Bucharest Clinical Emergency Hospital.

Prof. Horatiu Suciu
UMF Targu Mures
Director of IUBCvT Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic

Prof. Victor Costache
University professor Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest
Member of the French Academy of Surgery (
Former Minister of Health in Romania 2019, 2020
President of the Romanian Society of Vascular Surgery
President of the Romanian Society of Endovascular Surgery
Medical Director and Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Sfantul Constantin Hospital, Brașov
Executive Director for Eastern Europe within the International Society of Endovascular Specialists

What to expect

The event will highlight the latest directions of research, most up-to-date techniques and changes in current practice, in an exclusive and dynamic program consisting of 3 days of presentations and case reports, theoretical courses and live surgery cases, designed for cardiac and vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and other specialists.

Program / Find all of our activities here Preliminary Schedule-At-A-Glance

Session I – Congenital heart disease

Chairpersons: Nicu Lovin, Ovidiu Lazar, Eugen Sandica

Intraoperative use of Dexmedetomidine facilitates early extubation of pediatric patiens after open heart surgery

Atrial septal Defect – interventional management

Failing Fontan: VAD and/or HTx

Bridge therapy strategies in complex congenital heart diseases


Session II – Surgical precision…without surgery

Chairpersons: Doina Dimulescu, Dan Tesloianu, Marius Andronache

Persistent left superior vena cava: a challenge for lead implantation; could we solve the problem without surgery?

3D mapping and ablation of atrial flutter after mitral surgery

Subclinical atrial fibrillation: Does it matter?

“Implantable devices interference with surgery – finding solutions

Periprocedural management of novel anticoagulant therapy in cardiovascular procedures

Non-invasive myocardial revascularisation – between dream and reality


Session III – Aortic Disease and Aortic Dissections

Chairpersons: Grigore Tinica, Rolf Dammrau, Markus Liebrich

Aortic type B dissection – how to promote false lumen thrombosis

Modern treatment of aortic root aneurysm

Endovascular treatment of aorto-caval fistula, a case report

A 2021 overview of guidelines and surgical techniques

Aortic arch masterclass – Inside the Frozen Elephant Trunk

Update on endovascular treatment for aortic dissection

Management of the aortic root in type A acute aortic dissection




Session IV – Valvular Endocarditis

Chairpersons: Adrian Streinu-Cercel, Antoniu Petris, Lucian Stoica

Implantable devices’ Endocarditis – where’s the barrier between interventional and surgical approach?

Valvular endocarditis, review of 2021 guideliness

Sutureless prosthesis in redo surgery of active endocarditis

Surgical treatment of valvular endocarditis

Healing the heart – a personal view


Session V – Management of Aortic Valve Disease

Chairpersons: Horatiu Moldovan, Victor Costache, Patrick Klein

Echography’s helping hand – valvular implantation devices, before, after and during the procedure

My first experience with the Resilia valve

How I do it: minithoracotomy for aortic valve disease

Ozaki procedure in young patient with aortic disease as alternative to mechanical prosthesis

Management of Electrical Storm

Antithrombotic therapy after TAVI

Personalized treatment for aortic valve disease

TAVR in aortic stenosis with bicuspid valve

New in TAVI – Navitor


Session VI – Late Breaking News on Vascular Surgery

Chairpersons: Rodney White, Radu Popa, Kakkhee Yeung, Palma Shaw

Techniques for Mechanical Thrombectomy for Pulmonary Embolism during the COVID Pandemic

EVAR History: an endless revolution to achieve perfection

How to use the hybrid room in complex aortic repair?

Infrarenal aortic enlargement following descending aortic dissection

How Artificial intelligence can help in clinical decision making in vascular surgery

Surgical strategies in AAA management with concomitent surgical pathologies

Significant imaging characteristics for the unstable carotidian plaque

Endovascular treatment of aortic dissections

Percutaneous treatment for HF: new devices

The wedding procedure for complicated TBAD

Chronic descending thoracic aortic dissection : Open versus endovascular approach


Session I – PCI vs. CABG

Chairpersons: Dan Deleanu, Roman Wojdyla, Elkahlout Ayman

PCI completing surgical revascularization – hybrid strategies

Surgery saving PCI

Classical and special indications and contraindications for PCI and CABG

PCI treatment of graft lesions

PCI before and after TAVI

PCI avoiding surgery (complications)



Praluent: a new hope for cardiovascular pacient with high and very high risk

Session II – PCI solutions in classical CABG indications

Chairpersons: Stefan Mot, Marin Postu, Theodor Iulian Matei

…which classical indications? (calcified lesions, bifurcations, restenosis, CTO, coronary aneurysms)

Bifurcation techniques

Cutting/scoring balloons, high pressure balloons

IVL therapy(Shockwave)

Laser therapy

Coronary covered stent. Safe or not?

Rotational/Orbital atherectomy- case presentation


Session III – Bypassing surgery

Chairpersons: Theodora Benedek, Mihai Ionac, Crina Sinescu

Transcateter valve implantation in tricuspid position by hybrid intervention

PE and CTEPH interventional treatment

No man’s land – Vasospastic angina

Endovascular venous desobstruction

The therapeutic approach in patients with multivascular coronary disease



Session IV – More on AVR and other “potentially surgical” topics

Chairpersons: Massimo Caputo, Mihnea Nichita Brendea, Imre Benedek

Development of Hybrid Strategies in Congenital Heart Surgery

Image-guided revascularization in complex lesions – Left Main, Chronic Total Occlusions and Multi Vessel Disease

3D printing, bio-printing, and tissue engineering in congenital heart surgery

Coronary perforation


Session V – More on TAVI and aortic valve treatment

Chairpersons: Matteo Ferrarini, Lionel Leroux, Serban Stoica

Patient selection/new devices

The role of the Ross operation in a less invasive era

The Perceval journey

Alternate access ways

Difficult cases


Pre and intraoperatory risk and prediction factors for complete atrio-ventricular blok in TAVR. When to implant the pacemaker?


Symposium Novo Nordisk – Saxenda® – the only EMA-approved GLP-1 analogue for obesity management

Session VI – Update on mitral valve surgery and transcatheter solutions

Chairpersons: Horatiu Moldovan, Lucian Dorobantu, Victor Costache

Echo for mitral valve repair

Minimally invasive video assisted mitral surgery, how I do it

Tricvalve. A Novel solution for Tricuspid regurgitation disease

The role of transaortic mitral repair in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Current evidence base for transcatheter edge-to-edge repair

Minimally invasive mitral repair is the gold standard treatment

Simplifying the mitral MICS journey

Patient selection: who is the ideal candidate for MitraClip?

Case-based learning: tips and tricks: Case no. 1 | Case no. 2



The importance of stress echo vs. Cardiac stress test

CT – a most valuable tool

Cardiac MRI in ischemia and viability evaluation

CT imaging for virtual planning of TAVI/MIAVR


Session II – Chronic Total Occlusions

Chairpersons: Marin Postu, Aurel Toma

Patient selection and results

CTO Tool Box

Antegrade techniques

Retrograde techniques


Hemodynamic evaluation before PCI/CABG (FFR, iFR)


Session III – Exceeding the limits in HFrEf patients part 1

Chairpersons: Antoniu Petris, Horatiu Suciu

TAVR in HFrEF: till where?

CABG in HFrEF: till where?

Renal Guard

Renal denervation


Session IV – Vascular access in PCI and more topics in endovascular therapies

Chairpersons: Gianmarco de Donnato, Mihnea Nichita Brendea

Ovation Alto stent grafts

Radial vs. Femoral…still a debate?

A paradigm Shift in Arterial Clot Removal: from Surgery to Endovascular thrombosis-aspiration

Distal radial – the new kid in town


Session V – Exceeding the limits in HFrEf patients part 2

Chairpersons: Antoniu Petris, Horatiu Suciu

The surgical practice in heart failure

Pharmacotherapeutic strategies in heart failure in the light of the 2021 ESC Guidelines

Heart failure – new solutions for an old disease

My friend, the interventionist

The SynCardia TAH: where are we today?

Discussions and Closing Ceremony

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Registration Congress EMW2021
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Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is the capital and largest city in Romania, and was first mentioned in documents on September 20, 1459. Besides being an administrative and economic center, it is also the starting point for the tourist destinations in Romania. French influences in culture and architecture have brought to Bucharest the surnames of “Little Paris”.

Event Location

InterContinental Bucharest Hotel
Boulevard Nicolae Bălcescu No.4